The Dandelion Way

Why “The Dandelion Culture”?

The more you can open to understanding the gentle teachings from this guru disguised as a plant, the more you will see that our modern world is ripe for a new way of being that is defined in the dandelion’s very existence.

* The dandelion is one of the first blooms after a long winter. It’s joyful yellow flower and rich green leaves are healing for our spirit, our bodies, and our environment. The promise of spring, of sunnier times and winter’s impermanence brings hope and relief to a weathered soul. If you are from the Midwest, this really hits home as winter can be quite unforgiving and long! It’s fuel for building the foundation for our ecosystem as it supports the bees and it’s a necessary supplement for our bodies to cleanse and clear out our stagnant winter bodies. 

* The actual composition of the dandelion is many opposites working in harmony with one another. The petals of the bloom are many individual flowers creating the appearance of one larger flower. There are many, yet they come together and are one. The blossom is an end result of the cooperation of many authentic individual flowers. All of its leaves are different, yet from the same plant. The root is dark, but full of white healing sap. It tastes bitter as well as sweet. It makes us wince and it soothes inflammation. It looks to be simple, yet is quite complex. It’s a weed and a medicine cabinet.

* Dandelions can be sprayed, dug up, mowed, and cemented over. They always come back. Not only do they survive, but they thrive and multiply. Every spring. After every mow. Between the cracks of cement – opportunities for life to break through again. In the garden, in forgotten places, in tight places, and expansive fields. The dandelion’s courage, tenacity, and adaptability strives on.

* The diverse stories and views have no effect on its core and abilities. Every part of the dandelion plant is still healing, nurturing, and a foundation for life. The dandelion’s truth prevails. 

 * The shape and color of the flower reminds us of our life-giving sun and also brings awareness to our 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus, which is the seat of our personal will. The will of the dandelion can be a glowing reflection of our own personal power and abilities. 

These are just a tasting of the life wisdoms this little plant packs!

We are seeing clearer than ever before in our lifetime that too often we misunderstand, wage war on, or lack desire for the things that are nurturing and good for us. Some of these things are obvious – foods and beverages that serve our emotions and desires rather than fuel our body’s systems and immunity. Some of these things are entangled in delicate complication – the cost of freedom and peace has long been ‘won’ from devastating war. And some of these things are rooted deep within our cultures and belief structures – separation and superiority.

It really just depends on one’s own perspective, stories, and experiences whether the dandelion is a blessing or a curse.

If we choose to see it as a healer, it heals. If we choose to see it as a weed, it is the pain.

What’s beautiful is that we have the option at any moment to choose the version of the story that helps us create the life we desire. 

Just as it holds true to the dandelion, all of this holds true for us – as a community and as an individual.

Welcome to The Dandelion Way!

~Change The Story, Change Your Life~


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