The Dandelion Dame

On a walk one morning, I met a black willow tree with a starburst of trunks growing out of its base, numerous branches twisting, turning, and multiplying its distance of influence. Rooted deeply in the concentrated muddy river bank filled with the past, teeming with the present, and actively and passively building an eccentric future. A few feet above ground was its inviting center where all trunks meet before they begin their separate journeys. Within it, an open resting place big enough for a grown adult embracing her inner child to rest and dream. Cozy and safe in it’s embrace, my mind was coaxed quiet enough to hear the captivating stories of this sacred tree. That day I lived for an eternal moment in its truth while being held in its radiant glory.

It took me a few years to fully understand why that tree caught my eye on my daily walk along the river. At first, it was the stunning beauty of such a uniquely shaped tree growing out of the ground like star shine that captivated me. Even with only a part of its message understood, I was pondering how magical of a meditation hut this could be and how this place of serenity needed to be shared with others!

This tree has been a brilliant mirror of my own authentic journey in this human experience. Nature has been an incredible life coach, healing sanctuary, and source of Divine Connection and wonderment for me. I am moved and honored to share this nurturing resource of soulful connection with all who have found their way to this page, to this movement, to this path.

Like this tree, there are many paths, experiences, and education I have encountered and obtained with new shoots growing as I write this. I am going on my 16th year as a licensed cosmetologist with a large amount of that spent in downtown Chicago – cutting edge and cut throat! I am an award-winning holistic beauty educator who has traveled the Midwest to teach beauty and wellness and internationally to be globally inspired. I practice and am trained in the sustainable wisdoms of Ayurveda – mindful living in a nutshell. I am in the process of my yoga teacher certification and have received training in trauma-informed outreach yoga for kiddos (though this was quite valuable for my own stories and quite relevant for adults!).

Important lessons experienced and wisdoms gained to be shared seemed to appear in my living situations as well. From a tiny peninsula, to an island in the middle of the ocean. From a family farm, to a very large city. From a legit tiny home of 100 sq. ft., to a magical horse ranch at the base of Mt. Adams. From a tent pitched next to my best friend and some goats in a vineyard, to a spiritual retreat on a homestead in the woods.

Because of who I am, what I do, and where I have been I have heard thousands of stories of personal struggles, successes, fears, and love. Of dreams and aspirations, failures, and tears.

What I have found is that we all have traumas ready for alchemization, that adversity is a guru not an enemy, and that we all seek soul-deep connection within and therefore, throughout.

Like the willow, my first chunk of years was spent in the soil. It smelled great, was full of mud, nutrition, and bugs with agendas. It was also quite dark and heavy at times with plenty of stones to pick. Growing up a farm kid in a family outnumbered by five brothers while being raised within a conservative religion and culture, there was a thick foundation built ready to explode into expansion and exploration once adulthood rolled around. The discovery of authenticity for self and love for the whole is what was ultimately found. Along with growth above ground came the unveiling of my Divine Truth. All of my trunks of experiences and branches of growth birthed by my center, fed by my roots – my beginning.

All of it making me who I am today. The struggles, the successes, the hurt, the joy. The shame, the guilt, the self-acceptance, the celebration of self. What an incredible lesson to absorb when looking at this expression of nature and realizing in that very moment it’s holding loving space for me. For you.

All of our experiences and stories create who we are right now. When we accept that, we can begin to create experiences and live a life we thought we could never have nor deserved.

This means then, when we have the courage to change a ripe story’s perspective that no longer serves us growing forward, we can take back our power and change our life’s direction to serve not only us, but the greater good as well.

Enter the dandelion. The plant with many names, stories, and lessons to share.

Now, planted back home in the Midwest, I am here to inspire and encourage those who are also ready to transform their story from a seemingly ruthless, unworthy weed to one of a Divine Being whose every part is useful, healing, and full of hope for a new season of life! Where there is one, there are others. When this Being blossoms, it gives birth to countless seeds. These seeds grow on to become their own delightful Divine Beings. Deeply rooted in what serves them – which happens to also be what serves all! The dandelion’s wisdom prevails.

Having fun and being real within beautiful, sacred space (nature, especially) is my classroom. Living from the heart and striving to let LOVE be bigger is my mantra. Remembering and celebrating the unity in our interconnectedness is my mission.

It starts from within is my experience and is therefore, my message.

Glow On,Glow True,

Sarah K. Evenson, The Dandelion Dame


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