Workshops + Experiences

Below are some of the experiences and workshops I offer. Every gathering – though unique – will be centered upon mindfulness, self-love, nature’s wisdom, and beautiful inspired action.

There are always opportunities for designing  tailored experiences that will inspire and grow your culture and community the dandelion culture way.

Contact me at to begin the collaboration. 


With Love, From Nature: A Forest Mindfulness Immersion

Guided mindfulness meditation experiences in gorgeous nature to renew body, mind, and spirit. The beauty and cycles of Nature inspire the soul, heal the heart, and calm the mind. These 1-3 hour long immersions are based in heart-centered mindfulness practices, diving into the language of Nature, and reconnecting with the Source of life. 

Mindfulness Meditation Rooted in Nature

A heart-centered mindfulness practice to release, renew, and relax. Using the gifts of our breath, guided meditation, and compassionate self-inquiry we practice within a  beautiful space together to embrace the inward journey and the authentic self. Experiences can be 1-1.5 hours long. 

Nature SoulCraft Workshop Retreat

A beautifully reaffirming experience for groups discovering their authentic soulful gifts and purpose! We begin with a SoulGLOW nature mindfulness immersion in Mother Nature, followed by the creation of an intentional craft reflective of the empowered journey your group is embarking on. Examples of past SoulCrafts have been prayer flags, crystal wands, and nature mandalas. These workshop retreats can run from 2-4 hours and are tailored to your group’s magical unfolding. 

Embracing Your Inner Radiance 

 A 2-hour workshop retreat introducing the 5,000 year-old holistic health modality, Ayurveda. Discover your most radiant life by discovering and embracing your authentic self through the doshas and elements, the master cycle of Nature, and the language of your best friend – your body. Tastes of delicious healing foods and spices included.   

Ayurveda 4-Week Immersion Experience

In this series, we explore the wisdoms of an Ayurvedic approach to obtaining sustainable wellness through theory and practice. Designed for the curious and the novice, each week we dive deeper into a certain aspect of this 5,000 year-old health tradition, taste a healing recipe, and grow a better lifestyle through weekly practical applications of new knowledge gained. 

Beauty + Wellness Workshop Experiences 

Designed for the Professional Beauty Industry/Salon/Distributor/School

A format and movement created by a beauty professional, for the beauty professional. We are a culture with a large circle of influence within our communities for life upgrades and vibrant connection with the environment and all beings.

So let’s create with intentionality and lead the change!

Workshops can range from 2 hours to an all day retreat. The focus is first on holistic self-care for the professional and evolves into the culture of the business and then flows into the experience of the guest. Past offerings have included Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, theory on holistic care for scalp and hair, green practices within the home life and salon culture, self-inquiry and growth practices, and delicious nurturing food for a demanding career. 


All of the above are great compliments to many types of holistic retreats! If you have a vision, I can tailor what I offer to further support a beautiful, soulful experience for your participants. 







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