From Winter, To Spring

Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to break into my writings that are inspired from nature and live in my heart.

It’s been years that I have been feeling this build within, yet not able to put my pen to paper regularly. Fingers crossed it keeps flowing!! 🙂

This poem below came to me as I searched heart-opening poems to read during an Ayurveda yoga class focusing on the qualities of the season. After dead-ending because nothing was truly speaking to me nor capturing what it was I wanted to share, I just said out loud, “Sarah, just write your own.”

And 3 pages later, it really happened!

I would like to give special thanks to the workshop collaboration held at the gorgeous Bjorklunden that was my catalyst – Write on, Door County and The Door County Land Trust. Workshops held in nature are nothing short of magic, that’s for sure!

The poem below describes the water and earth elements that are found in these waning months of winter as it seamlessly forms into spring. Naturally, we add in through diet, lifestyle, and choices the other 3 foundational elements of all things in this earthly experience: space, air, and fire. Lots of fire! Warming temperatures, sun, warm and spicy foods, and sweat – lots of sweat are what are needed to stay in balance and be our healthiest. Lighten up, fire up, and get moving! Spring is around the corner!


Winter Spring 2018

From Winter, To Spring

As I lay here, I awaken to 

the present moment,

our present season,

my present being.

As I lay here, my intuition, my inner knowing so clearly shows me that new life, 

a new season is nearing. 

As I lay here, I can feel the fluidity of water flow

through every limb,

every organ, 

every vein,

every cell.

From head to heart; from shoulders to fingertips; through torso to hips; 

and from legs to toes.

Into the earth, it overflows. 

My tissues swell.

Every part of my being saturated. 

No longer feeling lost, lifeless, and lackluster. 

Yet, not fully ready to burst through into my new self, a fresh blossom. 

As I lay here, I am grateful for what was. 

As I lay here, I embrace the process of winter to spring,

from dormancy to life, 

from wisdom to evolution. 

With love, true birth. 

As I lay here, I begin to gently ignite the illuminating radiance within. 

Now is the time that Nature loosens, softens, and saturates the earth.

Now is the time we begin to loosen, soften, and saturate our human body. 

Now is the time we begin to loosen, soften, and saturate the seeds of our desires. 

Our hearts’ desires.

As I lay here, I feel the gentle connectedness between myself and Nature.

The ocean of infinity.

The moisture and mystery of the melt. 

The coolness of the snow, the sleet, the rain, the thaw.

The unforgiving and forgiving breeze of change. 

The stickiness, the mud –

the graceful messiness of transformation and new beginnings. 

As I lay here, HERE I AM.

Ready to dive in, the Grand Incubation has begun! 

~By The Dandelion Dame~

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