“Glow On, Glow it Forward” The Dandelion Culture Campaign


Woohoo! You are here RIGHT NOW because you have either received a gift that led you here, or because you have been a kindred soul beside me on this beautiful wild and raw ride we call life!

Humble gratitude and much joy to you.

Why The Dandelion Culture? I didn’t want this to be about me, but rather about how to change the story so you can change your life. Dandelions – a flower with an infamous reputation and also famed reverence, right?! Weed. Worthless. Tenacious. Holistic medicine. And how about that glorious promise and joyful welcome of spring, warmth, and new life?! These are all true depending on where you are at in your present moment and ALL of these stories have been my proclaimed truths at various times throughout my life.

At this point, I choose to see the dandelion as one heck of a guru!

Not to mention a great glass of sunshine wine.

The beautiful thing about this is we ALL have the ability to see what we want at any moment. I’m not perfect, but I am actively practicing seeing the gift, the silver lining, the God-ness, and yes, the beauty in all things in this human experience. It isn’t about perfection, it’s about the growth.

Dandelions can tell us a lot about our own personal struggles, successes, and sense of self.

Look at the dandelion: it holds within it abundant potential, prolific strength, and a glowing blossom that is the harmonious result of numerous authentic, individual parts coming together creating the ability to multiply over miles. It’s medicine for every part of us – physical, emotional, and energetic. The dandelion is perfectly imperfect and in harmony with itself, and its got its glow on!  Even when misunderstood and potentially sprayed to death, nothing about its truth or its very essence changes. Just like our truth and very essence amidst adversity.

When you change your stories about your experiences and ultimately about yourself, you also begin to change your life. Once the victim, then the empowered victim, then the fully empowered being as you flow through the process. It’s a natural evolution of waking up to your true, radiant Divine self and potential. Just like nature, we too have our own divine timing and cycles. Ending up on my page, reading this blog right now is no accident!

You are ready to begin creating stories that buff and shine your best self!

How do you even begin this journey, this personal evolution? You begin within – with yourself! Your tools: Love. Compassion. Gentleness. Patience. Forgiveness. Honesty. Courage. Strength. Faith. Community.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise,

so I am changing myself.” 

portrait 1 (233x350)This quote by Rumi was a big game changer for me. I honestly got overwhelmed, exhausted, fear-filled, and hopeless when I kept trying to change everything outside of me. I was left with this deep yearning to feel joy, love, and complete. To thrive meant to look in the mirror, meet my reflection, and begin diving inward.  So I did. I still am. And I always will be.

My biggest take away? Self-love is NOT a swear word nor something to be ashamed about. Self-love and putting yourself back into the equation of someone you serve IS NOT narcissism. When your self is focused on ego, fear and lack – that’s narcissism. Self-love is serving yourself from your heart, your truth, your Divine Nature, your soul.

Self-love is necessary and it’s what our world desperately needs now.

Somehow we have disconnected ourselves from this truth.

“Love yourself as your neighbor.” With the tension of life abroad and within our state, in our backyards, and around our dinner tables, our self care (or lack of self love) is reflected in our daily news feeds, relationships, and systems. You cannot give what you do not have. You need to know yourself and serve yourself before you can open yourself to others.

The Dandelion Culture is here to help anchor space for your pilgrimage back to your true self and to a way of living that includes you, values you, and as a result, beams joy, peace, and vitality back out into the world around us.

If you have received a card that led you here, it was made possible ONLY as a result of someone taking the time to nurture themselves. Their cup is full – now it’s your turn!

If your heart led you here and you do not have a card – maybe it’s YOU who begins the pass-it-on movement within your community!!

This go around, the card from The Dandelion Culture represents a FREE ($55) 75-minute Beauty + Wellness session with me, Sarah. It is a customized relaxing and rejuvenating experience for mind, body, and soul through Ayurvedic warm oil scalp massage, breath work, serene music, and aromatherapy.

The Oasis is at The Hairapist is IN, Sturgeon Bay, Door County. Reservation and open heart required. The card is your “form of payment” – it MUST come along with you! Once you treat yourself, the card will obtain a shiny sticker and will be ready for you to gift it to another for their opportunity to nurture themselves.

This is The Dandelion Culture in action!

The gift of self-love is far reaching. Glow on. Glow it Forward,

Sarah, Founder of The Dandelion Culture

*Ongoing offerings can be found on The Dandelion Culture Community Page.*




3 thoughts on ““Glow On, Glow it Forward” The Dandelion Culture Campaign

  1. Adore you. Miss you. Happy to be part of your existence. Lets grow ❤


  2. And I adore you Hanna! Let’s grow and glow!!!! 🌈✨💗 I will be hosting dandelion medicine circles this year – I will definitely keep you in the loop fellow plant goddess!


  3. Joy, light and love sweet goddess gal!! 🙏💗😻🌅🦋🌟🌱🌼🌈Love your site! Love your message! LOVE YOU!!! 💗💗💗


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